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June 20, 2007 / Tony

About my new mixer





I had a very pleasant surprise this morning.  Whilst I was doing the dishes just prior to leaving for work, I heard a knock at the door.  It was a FedEx delivery driver and he held a rather large package that was addressed to me.  Immediately intrigued, I stole a quick glance to ascertain from where this package originated.  I then saw that it came from Paul and Bridget Carns (see the picture above) who hail from Rochester, MN.  Upon this discovery, my excitement level was increased tenfold because now, I had evidence that the box contained something that I had desired greatly for a very long time.  I quickly signed for the package and lugged it into my kitchen.  At which time, I proceeded to, for all purposes, rip the package open.  And there it was, as carefully wrapped as could be, a 5 qt. Hobart stand mixer with a paddle, dough hook, and whip attachment.  It was beautifully black and when I turned it on, it ran like a dream. 


I was almost near tears.  Yes, of course, I was happy to now own such a mixer, but what really moved me was the knowledge of what this gift meant for Paul and Bridget.  Let me indulge myself and provide some semblance of the significance of this gift.  First, this is no inexpensive toy.  I do not know what a Hobart mixer goes for on Ebay right now but a comparable (and I use this term loosely here) top of the line mixer from Kitchenaid, Viking, or Cuisinart runs anywhere from $300 to $450.  My mixer leaves all those mixers in the dust.  You do the math. 


Second, a Hobart mixer from Ebay is, as a general rule, cosmetically challenged.  I know Paul must have spent some significant time priming and painting my mixer in order to create the very well-done, glossy, black finish.  I also can probably safely assume that Paul did some other repairs to the mixer.  Perhaps he installed a new power cord or did some lubing of the gears inside or did something else that I would not have any awareness of.  In the end, I know many hours of work went into preparing this gift. 


Third, and most importantly, a Hobart mixer has a special significance in the Carns family.  It was long ago that Paul first purchased and refurbished a Hobart mixer for Bridget.  She, of course, loved it and made many a great cookie and loaf of bread (She is an excellent baker, if you ever get a chance to taste her product, jump at it.  You will not be disappointed.).  Their two daughters, as they grew up, also became quite adept at both using the mixer and baking.  So, it was natural that each of them were both given Hobart mixers as they moved out and had places of their own to live.  And each of them has used their mixers to very good effect.  I was lucky enough, while I was with one of their daughters, to have use of one of these mixers.  I was not (and will never be) the baker those women are but I made many a loaf of bread with that mixer and I loved it.  Hence, when I was no longer with that daughter, one of the ancillary effects was that I no longer had a stand mixer.  And now, at least in the culinary way, I am whole again. 


Thus, I need to greatly thank Paul and Bridget for their generosity, hard work, and their willingness to keep me included in what has turned into a wonderful family tradition.  I know that I can’t repay them for this kindness but I hope I can at least tell the world, as best as I can, of their great virtues.  They are truly the best of humanity and I consider myself lucky to be known by them. 

Finally, the cookie picture below is the fruits of my first use of the mixer.  Almost perfect. . . not quite as good as Bridget’s cookies.


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