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July 2, 2007 / Tony

Homemade Butter

The New York Times is full of good stuff today.  Read this article about making your own butter.  It brings to mind a recent conversation I had with my father.  He grew up on an honest to goodness, old fashioned farm.  They slaughtered their own livestock, made their own cheese, cured their own hams, and yes, made their own butter.  My father wistfully tells me of the quality of some of the products they produced.  The hams were far superior to any ham he can commercially buy.  The homemade sausages were idiosyncratic to each farm and uniformly delicous.  The butter was creamy and smooth and fresh.  Part of me is jealous of the things he got to do as a child and the things he got to taste.  But part of me likes the fact that I don’t need to butcher my own livestock.  

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