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July 3, 2007 / Tony

An intersting story from NPR

NPR did a story on an unscientific experiment where a San Diego couple asked about 60 restaurant patrons if they could have a taste of whatever it was they were eating.  Amazingly, all but one of the persons asked complied with approximately 75% of the diners readily agreeing to the request.  Even more amazing was the fact that many diners offered up their own fork for tasting! 

What I liked most about this story, though, was the idea that people are willing and actually eager to share their food.  I certainly have that feeling.  I also liked the idea of getting to try dishes at restaurants; there are many times where I would just like a bite of every dish on the menu instead of being restricted to one dish.  Maybe I’ll just walk around the next restaurant I’m at and ask everyone if I can have a taste!


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