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July 6, 2007 / Tony

This is American ingenuity at its greatest

Check out this recipe

This is via James Lilek’s blog at  You should check it out.  Here’s what he wrote about fried chicken:

It’s National Fried Chicken Day. Well, when isn’t it? When I was a kid Dad would bring home a bucket from Chicken De-Light, which was the most amazing food we’d ever had; you’d bite, you’d chew, you’d savor the flavor – and then the next bite had actual chicken. A few later the Colonel came to town, and that was the end of Chicken De-Light. We tried KFC once or twice, but somehow everything in the bucket – the chicken, the buns, the coleslaw, the mashed potatoes – seemed to meld together into one greasy bolus, and those complimentary wetnaps were like an apology.

I’m confounded by the fact that no one in America has invented Fried Chicken Pizza. It would seem to be a rather obvious twist on a classic.

Well, I’d better google that, just to be sure . . .

I stand corrected.


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