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July 7, 2007 / Tony

I can only call it Dessert: The Nuclear Option

My brother Nick, who hosted myself and some other siblings at the lake today, is quite an eager and good cook.  He loves to venture into places unbeknowst to him and create.  Today was no exception.  He created a dessert that may have been the richest I have ever tasted.  Here’s a picture of it:


I don’t have a recipe in the sense that I would have measurements and directions but I will tell you what he did in the event that you would want to try to emulate (but of course never match) this dessert. 

He started with a crust of finely crushed Oreo cookies.  (At least that was his plan but some of his kids ate some of the Oreos so he had to substitute regular graham crackers for some of the crust.)  Then a layer of hazelnut cream: a mixture of cream cheese, whipping cream, and (I can only guess for health reasons) sugar-free hazelnut syrup.  For the next layer, he put down some very rich brownies (already cooked of course).  Next up was an espresso cream-it seemed ligher than the hazelnut cream layer so I think it was just whipped cream and espresso.  Then he took Hershey’s chocolate bars and slightly crushed them over the top.  Whew, I got a big piece (that’s how they treat you there), and I could barely finish it.  It was that rich and hence, my title for the dessert. 

By the way, I’ll just note here how Nick entertains culinarily.  Lunch (at 12:30) consisted of baby back ribs, smoked beef brisket, baked beans, assorted chips, buns, cherries, watermelon, raspberries, grapes, and that decadent dessert.  Plus, quesadillas and tacos for the kids.  At 2:30, he decides we need appetizers.  So out come a halibut and swiss cheese dip, a salmon mousse, cowboy caviar (some sort of assorted bean salad with citrus and cilantro), assorted crackers, cookies, and all the fresh fruit again.  About 5:00, around when I had to leave, he was thinking if I needed to eat again!  Apparently, he had made pulled pork for 15 guests.  I was sorry to miss that (I love pulled pork) but when he asked if I was going to be hungry in 20 minutes, if I could just wait that long, I had to refuse. 

I jest here, of course, nothing is more satisfying than to share food (especially food you’ve made) with others.  I just have to smile at the sheer excess that Nick brings to the table.  I have to salute him. 


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