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August 28, 2007 / Tony

Glazed Grilled Salmon

My brother was lucky enough to obtain a few large Salmon fillets from a friend who had been fishing.  He didn’t have any specific info about species or anything like that but the fish was very good.  It was a very firmly, fleshed salmon with a very mild taste.  It was not very oily either.  It probably would have been a very good candidate for poaching.  Anyway, with two fillets, I made two recipes:  Simple Salmon, of course, and Glazed Grilled Salmon.  Here’s the recipe for the latter:

Glazed Grilled Salmon, from Epicurious here

3 tablespoons (packed) dark brown sugar

4 teaspoons prepared Chinese-style hot mustard or Dijon mustard

1 tablespoon soy sauce

1 teaspoon rice vinegar

2 7-to 8-ounce salmon steaks (about 3/4-inch thick)

Prepare barbecue (medium-high heat). Combine brown sugar, mustard and soy sauce in medium bowl; whisk to blend. Transfer 1 tablespoon glaze to small bowl; mix in rice vinegar and set aside. Brush 1 side of salmon steaks generously with half of glaze in medium bowl. Place salmon steaks, glazed side down, onto barbecue. Grill until glaze is slightly charred, about 4 minutes. Brush top side of salmon steaks with remaining glaze in medium bowl. Turn salmon over and grill until second side is slightly charred and salmon is just opaque in center, about 5 minutes longer. Transfer salmon to plates. Drizzle reserved glaze in small bowl over salmon and serve.

I was disappointed in this recipe because, as written, the recipe just doesn’t give the salmon a chance to really soak up the excellent flavors in the glaze, which I really liked.  It was sweet and hot and complex all at the same time-a classic combination of flavors in Asian cooking.  So next time I make this, I will be sure to use the glaze as a marinade first.  I think the fish will end up much more flavorful all of the way through.  I must admit, however, that I did not cook the fish as directed since it was such a large piece of fish.  I used an aluminum foil method.  Simply oil a piece of aluminum foil and place it on a pre-heated grill (gas or charcoal, no real difference).  Place the fish on top of the foil and top with whatever-dill and lemon are obviously good choices (and salt, pepper, and olive oil too).  Cover the grill and cook until it’s done.    Here’s a picture of the fish:


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