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September 1, 2007 / Tony

Some pictures from a funeral

I had a surreal experience yesterday.  My uncle Anthony William died this past week and his funeral was on Friday.  I didn’t know him that well so while I knew his first and last name, I had no idea that his middle name was the same as mine.  Hence, when they talked about him at the funeral, it was sort of like they were talking about myself.  Especially when they said that his number one thing to do was to cook!  Well, the day yielded some good pictures.  Let’s start with my parents, who I thought looked especially nice yesterday.


And here’s a picture of my 94 year old grandmother, who was also looking especially nice yesterday:


And there were, of course, some really cute kids there:



That last little guy must have gotten tuckered out with all of the activity.  This last picture is of the food from the dinner served by some very nice ladies from the Catholic church in Reynolds. 


They served scalloped potatoes with ham, rolls, green beans pickles, cucumber salad, and cupcakes.  I hate to be critical of the food since it was obviously served by caring volunteers to a large number of people.  So I just won’t say anything about it except say that I’m nostalgic for the funeral dinners I remember from my childhood.  There just seemed to be so much more variety-there were numerous hotdishes, cold salads, and bars; most of which were fairly edible.  But, alas, times have changed since I was a boy serving mass during funerals.  Maybe the world has just gotten that much busier where no one has the time to make a hotdish for a funeral anymore. 


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