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September 6, 2007 / Tony

Dinner at Sawatdee

Sawatdee is a very good Thai restaurant with 5 locations in Minnesota.  I’ve been there twice before and have been happy with it on both of those occassions.  What I particularly like about the downtown Minneapolis location is that it is so close to the Metrodome.  That makes it a particularly excellent place to have dinner before heading to a game, which is what I did before the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers took on the surprisingly tough Bowling Green Falcons. 

I had two dishes at Sawatdee.  The first was fried spring rolls.  Here’s a picture:


These were very good.  Crispy on the outside and exceptionally flavorful on the inside.  Robust was the term I thought of while eating them.  The cabbage in the rolls just seemed to sing; it was a star ingredient in the roll instead of an obligatory tasteless glob as it is in so many other Asian type rolls. 

My entree was a duck curry.  Here’s a picture:


Not quite as outstanding as the spring rolls but this dish was pleasantly spicy (I ordered it with 3 chile peppers-you can order dishes as hot as you want there) with a rich coconut curry broth.  The duck was very tender with a nice deep flavor.  The vegetables were perfectly cooked and added a nice compliment to the overall dish.  It was good but it just didn’t wow me. 

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