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October 30, 2007 / Tony

Lunch at the Taco Shop


The Taco Shop has been around Fargo for as long as I can remember.  Whenever I went by their location on South University Drive I always felt a little intrigued.  What is this mysterious shop that sells tacos?  But for all of my curiousity, I never went until yesterday.  I don’t know if it was the fact that the shops look a little seedy from the outside or if the incessant marketing from Taco Bell and Taco Johns affected me or if I just don’t get fast-food Mexican very often.  But after hearing a very favorable report on it from a friend of mine, I decided that it was my duty to go.  Not only to have a nice lunch but also to support a local restuarant.

I went to the location on North University.  I ordered the grinder with taco meat.  It comes on french style bread with lettuce, cheese, and a generous amount of meat.  For no additional charge, patrons can add jalapeños, black olives, and other vegetables.  I really liked the sandwich.  The meat was just spicy and had no trace of that greasiness that seems so prevalent in a hamburger-based taco filling.  The bread was soft yet had enough structure to hold together and provide a clean eating experience.  And the half-portion was plenty of food to satisfy my hunger.  As a side I ordered the fritas which are basically wide french fries.  They came out crispy and hot but seemed  just a tad underseasoned. 

The Taco Shop really offers a great lunch at an affordable price.  There are three locations:

1825 University Dr. South

420 University Dr. North

And there is a new location is South Fargo on 45th Street of which I do not have the address

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