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November 21, 2007 / Tony

Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon, Spinach, and Shallots


This is a dish I never would have dreamed up in a million years.  I really like Macaroni and Cheese because it’s rich and comforting and delicious.  But to dress is up with bacon seems a bit over the top; what, the dish wasn’t rich enough already?  And spinach?  I really can’t think of a reason why to even consider adding a green to the dish.  What’s the point?  No matter what you do, Macaroni and Cheese is not going to be a food to eat for your health. 

The only reason this recipe came across my notice is the fact that I was trying to use up what I had in my fridge.  I admit, it isn’t difficult to use up spinach and bacon (salad comes to mind right away) but I wanted to see if there were any creative ideas out there.  This recipe came up.  I’ll just link to it as I didn’t do anything different than what was in the instructions.  It’s worth a try. 



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  1. Jessy / Nov 24 2007 3:34 am

    yummmm…I’m going to have to check it out =)

  2. Dave / Jan 29 2011 1:00 pm

    Glad I found your post. I need to make mac & cheese for a get together tonight and remembered how delicious this was. I made this dish several of years ago but could not find the recipe. Thanks to you, I will be able to make it again!

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