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November 30, 2007 / Tony

Lunch at Bertrosa’s


Bertrosa’s is a bona fide homegrown lunch hotspot in Fargo.  They offer a daily special along with a soup of the day.  It is tucked away in the basement of the Black Building downtown and I just had the most delightful lunch.  I ordered the special: Porketta sandwich with oyster stew.  They were both absolutely delicious in their simplicity.  The stew, I think, was nothing more than cream, a bit of butter, some oyster liquor, and whole oysters.  It was so simple yet so satisfying because the ingredients were good and the soup did the only thing it was asked to do: highlight the great flavor of the oysters.  I loved it; there’s no need to fancy things up when working with quality ingredients.  Just let the individual elements of the dish shine. 

The Porketta sandwich was similar in it’s simplicity.  It was a roasted pork shoulder (or Boston Butt if you prefer) served on a kaiser roll with cheese and a bit of mayo and mustard.  The “fixins” were there only to add a bit of  moisture and to very lightly complement the pork, which was pleasantly “porky.”  It was almost the essence of pork that you tasted and, in a Porketta sandwich, what else would you want to taste?  Again, just let the ingredients shine and there’s going to be a delicious result.

Bertrosa’s also served gyros, Chicago style hotdogs, and various types of Italian beef sandwiches.  It’s a very Chicago street food themed place.  It also always serves its Beer Cheese Soup, which is also excellent.  This is definitely a place to visit. 

Bertrosa’s can be found at 118 North Broadway in Fargo. 


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