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December 19, 2007 / Tony

Vikings Defeat Bears

I went to the Monday Night Football game a few nights ago.  It featured my favorite NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings, battling the much-maligned Chicago Bears.  Of course, when I bought the tickets for the game, I very much expected that the Bears would be the superior team and the Vikings would have had, at most, 3 wins.  Needless to say, I had a very pessimistic view the Vikings prior to and during most of this season. 

Despite my lack of faith, however, the Vikings have won five games in a row.  I find this to be the second most amazing fact about this NFL season (the first is that the Patriots are 14-0, only the second team in NFL history to have such a record).  After considering the facts that they cannot stop the pass, rush the quarterback, or field a seasoned NFL quarterback, it is quite an accomplishment that the Vikings have managed to win five straight.  Sure they can run the ball and stop the run but that is no guarantor of NFL success.  Just look at the Vikings last year.  But with the woefully green Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback, there was absolutely no expectation of success. 

Somehow, however, Jackson has managed to turn himself into an average NFL quarterback.  Of course, that is quite an improvement from the “deer in the headlights” quarterback that he was for much of this season.  And with the improved quarterback play, the Vikings won the four previous games before playing the Bears on Monday night. 

Then, while playing the Bears, Jackson reverted to deerlike form and threw three interceptions.  I can only take heart that the Vikings still managed to win the game through some very stout defense (even if it was against Kyle Orton, who probably hadn’t played an NFL snap since the preseason).  Perhaps I can have just a bit of hope in the Vikings after all.  Here’s some pictures from the game:




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