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December 22, 2007 / Tony

Black and Tan at Home

Paul Carns was kind enough to show me one his new toys.  It’s called a Lagerhead Black and Tan Turtle.  As you can no doubt guess from the name, this handy little tool is used to create a homemade version of a Black and Tan.  In the United States, a Black and Tan is a mixture of two beers: Guinness and and either Harp Lager or Bass.  It is a layered drink that, as Wikipedia explains:

“taking advantage of the fact that Guinness is “carbonated” (nitrogenated) with a nitrogen and carbon dioxide mixture that is less dense than pure carbon dioxide. The density of nitrogen gas (N2) at STP is 28g/mole but is 44g/mole for carbon dioxide (CO2).”

In other words, the Guinness is lighter than the lighter colored beer and will hence sit atop it.  However, to get this effect, you have to be a wee bit careful how you pour in the Guinness.  (Obviously, you start making the drink by pouring in the Bass or Harp first.)  Pour too fast and the beers will mix thus ending any hope you might have of creating a layered drink.  The solution is to add the Guinness slowly and that is what the Lagerhead Black and Tan Turtle does.  You pour the Guinness on top of turtle which then gently and evenly pours the Guinness into the glass.  Here’s what Paul did with the turtle:


And here’s the end result:


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