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February 7, 2008 / Tony

Weston’s Super Bowl Party

Weston, my boss, had a party at his new place to show off that, his new baby boy, and his cooking ability.  This is what part of what he served:


It was a really tasty combination because it had so many layers of flavor.  The base was a skillet cornbread, then shredded beef in mole sauce, then shredded cheese, then a corn and black bean salsa, then guacamole cut with sour cream, and finally a cilantro garnish.  Whew.  There was a lot going on but they all played really well together, which is quite a compliment to the chef.  It’s not always easy to juggle the varying textures and flavors when you create a dish like this but Weston pulled it off admirably.  I particularly liked how the smokiness and spice of the beef was offset by the cornbread.  I wish I could have stayed and had more. 


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  1. Casey / Feb 11 2008 12:48 pm

    I have those same plates!

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