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May 26, 2008 / Tony

Bacon Mayonnaise?

Casey sent me this link.  It is a blog post describing the use of bacon drippings to make homemade mayonnaise.  Apparently, the result is a smokier and heavier mayonnaise that is excellent on, if you haven’t guessed, BLT’s. 

It’s an intriguing idea but I wonder what other fats could we put in mayonnaise beside the traditional vegetable oils.  Chicken schmaltz?  Beef or lamb drippings?  Coconut oil?  Palm oil?  Cocoa butter?  Walnut oil?  Clarified butter?  etc. etc.  The main thing to think about when experimenting is the nature of the fat at room temperature.  Is it a solid or a liquid?  If it’s more of a solid, you probably need to cut the fat with a traiditional oil like canola (or even olive oil if you really wanted to).  If it’s a liquid already, use it as is so long as the flavor of the fat doesn’t totally overpower the rest of the sauce. 

My idea?  How about roasting a Chuck Pot Roast to medium rare and then cooling the meat (so as to make it nice for slicing).  Use the dripping to make a Beef Mayonnaise.  When the beef is cool, slice thinly and then assemble sandwiches on crusty bread using the Beef Mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and a spicy mustard.  Pretty much sounds like a plan to me. 

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