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September 5, 2008 / Tony

Jim Beam’s Terriyaki Marinade


Sometimes you have to break all of the rules, especially with food.  Otherwise, it’s way too easy to make your diet (and cooking) really boring.  Plus, sometimes when you do something wrong, you learn more than if you did it right.  My friend Allen gave me some Jim Beam Terriayki Marinade a few days ago.  It was a very thoughtful gift.  Although, I usually don’t use commercially made marinades, I thought, what the hell?  So I teamed with a steak simply entitled “London Broil.”  I didn’t even care to ask what kind of steak it was.  This was going to be a very low tech meal.  And you know what, it was pretty darn good.  The marinade was a little sweet, a little salty, and had that richness that only (and I mean only) comes from soy sauce.  Not bad at all.  I served it with some farm fresh green beans and had a great meal.  Here’s some pictures:


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