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November 15, 2008 / Tony

Another Esoteric Use for Bacon


I guess bacon can even make your borboun taste like bacon.  First it was pie and now it’s alcohol.  Is there nothing that bacon can’t improve?



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  1. flossie / Nov 16 2008 5:50 am

    You’re right, bacon can make everything taste good – even cupcakes! There are a whole heap of bacon frosted cupcakes today on the Cupcakes Take the Cake blogspot. Haven’t tried bacon on my sweets yet but it’ll be a must-do-before-I-die thing.

    Notice you love food…I’ve found so many good recipes and their reviews at

    I like it more than the Bon Apetit site because it just seems more suited to the home kitchen/ amateur chef.

  2. bleh / Nov 19 2008 4:15 pm

    Have you seen? Bacon chocolate bars. I’ve even heard firsthand that they actually taste good.

  3. Lainie Petersen / Nov 29 2008 10:08 am


    Yes, they do taste good. In fact, they are outstanding, and sold out in the UK when they made their debut:

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