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December 4, 2008 / katelynb

Bacon and Eggs



To start off our holiday baking weekend, we dove into “bacon and eggs” one of my childhood favorites. It’s the perfect little bite because it is a combination of salty and sweet with a bit of chocolate too.

Here is the recipe:

Bacon and Eggs

pretzel sticks

melted white almond bark

yellow M&Ms…. yes, only the yellow ones!

Place two pretzel sticks on parchment paper. Top with a dollop of melted almond bark and finish with a yellow M&M in the center of the almond bark. Let cool. Enjoy!

Tony liked putting the “yolks” on:


We made many:




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  1. Mike / Dec 10 2008 1:22 am

    I’ve been a fan of this blog for sometime, but have yet to post a comment… or have I? I love how this actually does look like bacon and eggs! I will have to introduce it to my familial traditions. Also, I love the double yokes – maybe twins are in your future…

  2. Monica h / Jan 17 2009 10:32 pm

    These are so cute! I like the double yolk too. I once made boiled eggs and when I sliced it in half it was twins…a little sad.

  3. Hilary / Jan 31 2009 7:28 pm

    These are hilarious! I adore them and will try them soon. My co-workers will love them.

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