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February 14, 2009 / Tony

Blogging Again


I sincerely apologize for the very (very!) light blogging this past month.  I have been battling a bad back that has made it very difficult to sit for extended periods of time.  I think it has improved in the last few days after a fortituous purchase of a clearance priced electric blanket.  Hopefully, I will now be healthy and able to blog more frequently.  One other thing:  a very exciting event occurred in the past week.  My sister-in-law Breanna finally had a girl after having three boys.  Needless to say, she’s delighted with the outcome.  Here’s the two girls:


One cute story about her:  Katelyn was holding the little one and our future baby started to kick.  She (or he, we really don’t know) kicked hard enough so that the little one would feel it and start to fuss.  As a result, Katelyn had to reluctantly give the baby up.  Perhaps, our little one was jealous.

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