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April 3, 2009 / katelynb

Baby Update: approaching week 39


It blows my mind when I think of all the things that have happend over the last 38 weeks. I’ve gained 30 pounds, My midsection has at least tripled in size, I’ve eaten more chocolate and ice cream than any person should consume in a lifetime, and a little life has grown and matured inside me and is almost ready to emerge and turn Tony and I into our own little family.

Besides that, I have managed to continue taking classes, am still serving tables at Granite City, keeping up with work around the house, putting together a beautiful nursery, cooking fabulous food with Tony, and finding time to enjoy atleast one lunch date a week with my girlfriends. (never a hard thing to do)

Truth be told, most days I am exhausted. This picture says it all:


But through the exhaustion and beginnings of swelling hands and feet, I’m staying positive and really getting excited to meet “Baby B” ! I’m encountering a little stress because of my mostly Type A personality and mild case of anxiety. I’m frustrated the doctor keeps telling me the baby needs “more time to cook” when I think it should be done now (or a few weeks ago for that matter)! I want to be able to finish the semester without having to miss too many class sessions, I’d like to have the baby early so I can get in shape for my cousin’s wedding in which I am a bridesmaid and had to guess what size dress I expected to fit into come mid May… and with the Red River expected to reach a second crest somewhere in the next few weeks, who knows what this month might bring!

But as for now, I’ll keep plugging away with the schoolwork, serving my last few shifts at Granite City, cooking up delicious meals with Tony (Salmon Tonight, will blog later), and making it to those weekly ladies lunches. Keep Watching, we’ll have a baby soon!


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