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April 22, 2009 / Tony

Beckermann Family Fish Fry


Katelyn’s family loves to invite a crowd to their home and share the bounty of her dad’s freshwater catch.  Mike is quite the fisherman by all accounts, catching copious amounts of perch, walleye, and other fish.  In fact, he usually wins the annual family Father’s Day fishing tournament.  Apparently, with such skills and only a wife to feed at home, Mike often finds himself with excess amounts of fish.  The solution?  A fish fry!  Here’s how they do it:

Mike and Corie use something called the Batter Pro, which is something that I have never seen before.  It is a “As seen on TV” device.  It consists of two plastic compartments separated by a perforated screen.  The idea is to place the breading and food in one compartment, shake, and then flip it over so that all of the excess breading falls to the other compartment.  Mike swears by this contraption and, after tasting his fish, it’s hard to argue with him.  The breading he uses is Chef Robert’s Breading Mix
























Mike then brings the breaded fish out to the garage where he has constructed a sturdy and powerful fryer.  He uses a heavy anodized pot, a fryer basket, a sturdy, long thermometer, and a propane turkey fryer burner.  The latter provides a strong and easily controllable source of heat that makes it easy to control the oil temperature – the key to any succesful frying.























The result is a lightly bready, slighty breaded piece of fish that isn’t the least bit greasy. 












Even vegetarian Katelyn loves it.  I’m already looking forward to the next fish fry.


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