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June 14, 2009 / katelynb

Emma’s Baptism


“Lord look down from heaven above and touch this special child with love.  Protect and guide this little one until each and every day is done.  Remind us often that it’s true: this little life is a gift from you.  A  miracle you’ve sent our way, Lord bless this little child today.”


Emma was baptized yesterday at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Moorhead, where we are new members.  This marks the first milestone in our lives as new parents, and Tony and I were very proud to experience this together.  There was a nice ceremony held after the evening mass where our families gathered around the font to watch the baptism.  Emma wore a special gown  that has been in the Miller family since 1964 when my mother was dressed in it for her own baptism.  The gown was worn by all of her brothers and sisters, my own sister, myself, my niece, and now my own daughter.  What a special thing a family heirloom is.  I feel so blessed to be a part of it and to continue this tradition.


After the baptism everyone came back to our place for some grilling.  The weather was perfect for eating outside, lawn games, passing babies around, and even a little fire to end the night.  Emma stayed happy throughout, we had some great food and most important, we all got to spend some much needed time with family and celebrate Emma’s new life in the church.


More baptism pictures can be found here.

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