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June 14, 2009 / Tony

Waffle Fry Eating Contest


Yesterday, two friends decided to square off in a Granite City Food and Brewery waffle fry eating contest.  Why?  I really don’t know. . . but each contestant each brought unique qualities to the battle that made him think he could win.  Combatant #1, Dave, claims that potatoes do NOT fill him up.  I know what he feels like.  In many cases, I feel like meat does not fill me up and it takes some sort of starch before I have a nice feeling of fullness.  Eating copious amount of steak, as regular readers of this blog must know, is not a problem for me.  But I digress.  I know Dave told the truth about his body’s special relationship with potatoes-a few days ago, I bought him a large size of French fries from Wendy’s as an afternoon, workday snack.  After eating the entire portion, he said he felt hungrier than before and then proceeded to eat his regular lunch.  Contestant #2, Vogel, fits more in the traditional competitive eater mold.  He claims to have eaten 3,500 calories worth of Hardee’s food in less than 10 minutes.  I can’t remember exactly what he ate but it involved multiple hamburgers, multiple shakes, and two packets of mayonnaise.  He forced himself to eat the latter  so he could top the 3,500 calorie mark. He also said he recently ate a large Dominoes pizza (with unspecified toppings) and two of their new (and I have to say disgusting looking) pasta bowls. Anyway, here are the two contestants:



Alright, on to the contest: We were sitting on the nice patio that the Fargo Granite City provides. The contest was simple: eat as many waffle fries as you can. The combatant who ate more would be declared the winner. There were no time limitations. The standard no puking/bathroom break rules were tacitly agreed to. As judge, however, I had to ensure fairness. Knowing that portion sizes at restaurants can be a bit fluid, I brought my trusty digital scale to work:


It was really the only way to fairly measure how many fries each combatant was eating.

So they began. Vogel opted for the Granite City Dip with his waffle fries. Dave declined. They each ate two orders of fries. As expected, the respective weights of the orders were inconsistent-the first two orders weighted 11.5 oz. and 7.25 oz. (The second two orders were much closer.) Each combatant had no difficulty finishing that first pound of fries. But, it became apparent that our server wasn’t in-tune with the highly competitive nature of the contest. It took far too long to get waffle fries. So, we left. Katelyn and I left to prepare for Emma’s baptism and the two combatants went to Grand Junction to finish the contest. This was a good move since I believe Grand Junction has the best French fries in the area. I lent them the scale and they ended up tying at 35.25 ounces each. That’s right, each of them ate about 2 ¼ lb of French fries. Maybe I should battle next time too. . .

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