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June 28, 2009 / Tony

Kobe or “Colby” Beef


My friend Vogel (see here and here) wined and dined me a few nights ago, so to speak. He brought this:

A nice bottle of Cabernet and a Rib eye steak from Meats by John and Wayne. Vogel and I have been talking about eating Kobe beef for over a year now. Originally, we were going to have a Kobe beef party after he completed his diet shake regimen. But, when the time came to purchase, economic reality set in as we discovered real Kobe beef is very, very expensive stuff. So, when I saw a sign for “Colby” beef at Meats by John and Wayne, I had to ask about it. They told me the Minnesota producer used actual Kobe cows and that mimicked all of the special treatment that the Kobe cows get in Japan. Which means that those lucky cows get massaged, fed well, and even given beer. The idea, I think, is to have the cow live as peaceful a life as possible. This serenity apparently translates into richly marbled beef like this:

Yeah, it’s a pretty fatty piece of beef. So then I cooked it. Vogel informed me that the beef should be seared and then cooked to temperature. So, that’s what I did after rubbing the beef with olive oil, salt, and pepper:

A charcoal chimney is a fabulous tool to get a really nice sear on meats. Think of concentrating all of the heat of a grill into a much smaller area and you get the idea. I think it turned about pretty well:

Here’s the result:

It was absolutely the best piece of beef I have ever had. It was meltingly tender with a deep beefy taste. It tasted more like beef than anything else I have ever tasted. Even just eating the fatty parts was delicious. All it needed was a little pat of butter on top to make it absolutely perfect.

I can’t say that this “Colby” beef is as good as real Kobe beef. I can say it does seem worth the price of $30+ per pound. I think I have my new special occasion meat.


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  1. nancy k / Jun 29 2009 10:05 am

    i give you props for making the cool diamond cross marks on it! i guess i shouldn’t be surprised!

  2. grandma Rena / Jul 6 2009 4:28 am

    Looks simply delicious , but the big question is….. at $30 a pound … did you get Katelyn to taste it? See Tony I do look at every thing on your blog not just pix of little Miss Lady Jane.

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