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April 12, 2010 / katelynb

Signs of Spring.


There is nothing better than the first days of spring.  In North Dakota the changing season means pulling out the cut off shorts in 60 degree weather, heck I’ve even seen them worn with flip flops in 50 degrees.  For Tony it means biking to work and ditching the coat most days.  For Emma Jane it means more stroller rides and no more hats, mittens and snowsuits!  And for me, of course it means many things:  Spring cleaning, watching the tulips reappear and most important –  GARAGE SALES!!!!!!!!!!

I got to my first garage sale this past weekend which was held at the Veterans Arena in West Fargo.  Close to 100 vendors brought their goods for thousands of men, women (lots of pregnant ones!) and kids to rummage through and make someone’s trash their own special treasure.  I passed many stand before I finally found what I was looking for – little girl clothes!  Now one thing you should know about me before I go on… When I’m out to get a deal, I REALLY want to get a deal.  There is something so satisfying about getting your moneys worth 🙂 I feel that way about dripping wet bibs, completely worn out shoes, even dirty diapers (sick, i know!)

Anyway, what first caught my eye was this adorable little dress. 12-18months… check!! I snatched this thing for $1.00:

I then wandered over to a table from the same seller and she says to me, “You can take 15 items for $4.00”  Now we’re talking brand new bibs – we can never have enough- also, onesies, pants, jammies, complete outfits!   I grabbed almost 20 items and she says “How about $4.50?”  … cha ching!!!  I had to get this one for baby Aiden (now he won’t have to worry about what to wear to the wedding in August):

My last stop was at this adorable antique-y, vintage, totally shabby chic stand. It had everything from adorable painted wooden benches to old fashion chests, vintage baby clothing, hankies, and this adorable basket that I walked away from, then walked back to, then walked away from (thought about it some more) walked back to and finally unloaded all the doilies it was holding and bought it for $10.00:

Now this basket was so big, we had to leave right away because there was no way I was pushing a stroller with a baby who’s patience was wearing thin by now and I was afraid one wrong move and I might take someone out with it!  When I got it home, and I had noticed this before but was so in-love I had to overlook it’s one small flaw.  The top rim of the basket was cracked:

A little GORILLA GLUE and clamping overnight fixed it right up!  Now what to use it for? Toybox…Blankets…Silk Flowers…

Tell me what you think?



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  1. nana rena / Apr 13 2010 7:15 am

    well ofcouse…… a baby!

  2. katelynb / Apr 13 2010 7:59 am

    I was thinking it would be an adorable Moses basket for a newborn 🙂

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