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November 10, 2010 / katelynb

What I am Thankful For…

1. Live Piano Music coming from the living room everyday.

2. Most days the first noises I hear waking up are the sounds of  a babbling baby girl.

3. Restaurant Quality Breakfast options prepared for me in the morning before work.

4. A hot cup of coffee waiting for me by the sink when I step out of the shower.

5. Truly appreciating the difference a new ($20 IKEA) light fixture can make.

6. The fact that my favorite black pumps cost me $8 at a thrift store and I get compliments on them every single day I wear them to the office.

7. Feeling absolutely shameless wearing stretchy waist-ed pants weeks before my first pre-natal visit.

8. Driving an economical car but splurging on really good toilet paper.

9. The relaxation I’ve found in washing dishes in the sink because we don’t own a dishwasher.

10. Having someone to tell my dreams to.

11. Sharing the Sunday paper with the person who wants the exact opposite sections as I do. I’ll take the ads and the engagements page, you can have the business and sports.

12. Really feeling needed, like they probably couldn’t function without me.

13. Knowing EXACTLY where everything is in our house, always!  The top, left hand drawer about half way back and underneath the phone book…

14. The appreciation I have for my own parents, now being a parent myself.

15. One fern that is still looking gorgeous from our wedding day and another that with a little Miracle Grow and enough love just might come back…

16. The many, many opportunities we have for ‘projects’ around the house.

17. A great garage sale find.

18. Finding the missing NUK under the seat in the car just when you need it the most.

19. Leftover, cold frozen pizza when you just can’t take anymore Gourmet.

20. The person who invented ‘Pho’… I LOVE YOU.

21. Rain on a day when you really don’t mind staying inside.

22. Finally having permission to mow the lawn.

23. Boppa’s Bagels Monthly newsletters, even though we rarely go there and I never use the coupons.

24. Church Envelopes, Check Blanks, Junk Mail, Whatever (!) with my new last name.

25. The urge I get to pull out the Christmas decorations after we’ve stuffed ourselves with Turkey and Pumpkin pie thanksgiving evening.

26. How calm the city is at 5 am.

27. A nice hot bath, with plenty of bubbles of course!

28. A list a mile long of DIY projects I want to do, now I just need a sewing machine!

29. A car without a working radio. Sometimes it is just nice to talk through the 2.5 hour long car ride to St. Cloud.

30. Parade Candy from this September lasting us until now and will probably be around for many months to come.

31. Asking my husband to pick me up a toilet seat at the store for my Halloween costume with no questions asked.

32. A familiar song played at church that tugs on your heartstrings so much you have to close the book and reach for a tissue.

33. Being comfortable with the fact that I may never learn to play a music instrument, speak another language, or have the courage to visit Mexico again.

34. The warm thoughts of holding a child in each arm.

35. Turning into a person who I like enough to be friends with… really great friends with.



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  1. Grandma Corie / Nov 11 2010 5:12 pm

    Very nice, it got me a little teary!

  2. rena / Nov 11 2010 11:53 pm

    Can’t add much more to a list like that….. you are so blessed ………

  3. Tony / Nov 12 2010 1:08 pm

    Glad you can remember where everything is in the house after you’ve moved it!

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