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December 15, 2010 / katelynb

Our House is a Winter Wonderland + a Little time for Crafting

Today is awesome – I am working on some much needed cleaning and just having a mental health day!  I wrapped up some gifts and stuck them under the tree.  As much as it annoys me when Emma shakes the presents and steals the bows off them, I am excited to see her face when she wakes up and sees more gifts under the tree than there were before!  I ventured out on black friday and scored an amazing deal on poinsettias: at just .99 per plant, it was hard to stop myself so I got a dozen of them! They are gorgeous and I have them all around the house.  I enjoy them so much I even brought one to work!

Take a peek at some of the beauty:

Flowers in the Dining Room… and isn’t our buffet darling?  Boy is there a story behind THAT one!

On top the piano.  I think the music sheets are from when Tony was a kid… too cute!  Don’t you love the picture of us from our wedding day?  It totally captures my feelings for Tony – I completely adore him!

and in the bedroom… we need an update picture of our almost 2 year old, don’t you think?!

I even snuck one on top the bookshelf in the family room:

Before I talk too much about my poinsettias, I don’t want to forget to mention Tony and my on-going project that is hanging in our dining room.  When we drink wine (which we do often) we try to save labels.  I know some people save corks, some people actually save bottles… we save labels!  The idea came from a small wall in the kitchen that was covered with wine labels Tony started when he moved in- when the place was still somewhat of his bachelor pad:

When I convinced him we needed to paint over the shocking blue color he did not hesitate for a SECOND and we started working to remove the labels.  We both loved the idea of displaying labels and knew it was something we’d like to keep going with in the kitchen – this time, not so permanent.  I’m always keeping re-sale in mind and am afraid the next homeowners might not share our love of wine or the idea of pasting labels to the walls…

Without further ado, here is our simple but totally fantastic project:

and it is so simple to do!  First gather up all your supplies.  You will need: LOTS AND LOTS OF WINE!  Not every label comes off nicely, so we end up tossing 50% of the labels.  Some labels are more like stickers and are easy to get off, others we have steamed off.  Other materials for the project include an open back frame (or you can use a regular frame complete with glass if you’re interested in a more finished look…) A large piece of foam board, cut to fit the frame you choose, flour, water, a paint brush or a silicone brush like we use.  That’s it!!

Step 1: Prep your labels – remove them from the bottles.  Mix up your adhesive (flour and water makes a paste that works great!)

Apply just enough of your adhesive to cover the back of your label:

Finally, find the perfect place to stick it to your board. Keep drinking and keep adding…

This is an amazing way to remember good times and great wine.  It is an excellent conversation piece, especially for frequent dinner guests who sometime spot a label from a bottle they brought to drink with the meal 🙂

Happy Holidays, Happy Crafting and Happy Wine-ing!

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