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January 13, 2011 / katelynb

Fabulous Jacket Re-do Preview

This is another fabulous thrift store find post!  I have a dirty little secret – I love jackets… I mean it, I LOVE jackets!  I have plenty and I really shouldn’t even be looking for another one but the truth is this time, I wasn’t!  Don’t you love how you find the best things when you’re not even looking for them!  Well without further adieu, here is the little red wool jacket I found at Repeat Boutique, one of my very favorite thrift stores in Fargo, before (note: I had to crop the pictures because the project had already gotten underway before I managed to snap one):

The coat is adorable except for one tiny little thing- the overly-pointy, almost Elvis-like lapels… I am really not fond of them, so I knew that is where my work was to be done.  I had already been working on these beautiful little felt rosettes for a different project and decided maybe I would attach just a few:

I got my inspiration for the rosettes here.  I was already liking this but felt like it still revealed too much of the shape of the lapels which I was still hating – especially since I could still see the entire left side without any roses at all.  I continued attaching (with hot glue!):

As you can see, I covered both lapels almost completely and even went down further onto the front of the jacket to disguise them and use the hot glue to actually attach the lapels to the front of the jacket completely… no more wings flapping in the wind!  I plan on adding more rosettes up around the collar and maybe even a bit further down in the center – can you say bib necklace?!  I have plenty of these little babies made up and ready to attach but I just ran out of pearls for the centers.  I guess I will just have to find some more cheap pearl jewelry to take apart before I can continue…

I also hope to replace these boring buttons with something a little more ‘fancy’ or ‘cool’ or just anything different.  This hip jacket deserves amazing buttons – wish me luck in my hunt.  I will keep you posted!

Are you working on anything cool right now?


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