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January 24, 2011 / katelynb

What are you Wearing?

I laughed when I got to work today and really took a good look at what I was wearing- almost nothing ‘brand new’.  It was one of those rushed mornings, you know what I am talking about… when you’re so stuck in bed you beg someone else to get up and hit the snooze for you…twice!  Anyway, the reason for this post is simply to brag about my outfit and the incredible deals I got on every single piece I am wearing!  Selfish – YES, Entertaining – MAYBE, Do I hope you get up the courage to check out a thrift store or two and score some amazing deals on cute and quality items… YES!!!

and here is the head to toe (too much information) Breakdown:

Hair – has not been professionally cut or colored since my wedding in August.

Necklace – Garage Sale $5… someone decided she wasn’t going to wear it to her daughter’s wedding, it was still in the package!

White Maternity Dress Shirt – Bought for $2 at the Mothers of Multiple’s Sale this fall. This baby took me a long, long time to iron all the darn wrinkles out.

Camera Strap Cover – $30 or something… I bought it for myself as a Graduation from College Gift.  I found it on Etsy (the coolest little place on earth!) but the designer, Shey B no longer has her shop there. She has her very own website now, You can find the slipcovers HERE.

Maternity Jeans – Old Navy Brand. This is my absolute favorite pair, I am sad when they are in the wash and I have to resort to something else… I got these at my favorite thrift store, Repeat Boutique in Fargo for a mere $4.  These brand new heels came from Dakota Boys Ranch.  I love these shoes to death!  They are definitely a pair I know I will wear and wear and wear until they get so worn out I will have to throw them away, and when that day comes… I will cry!

Have I inspired you?  You can look and feel fabulous for LESS!



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  1. Melissa / Jan 24 2011 10:21 pm

    The first thing i noticed was the camera strap and was going to ask you where you got it. Now I know. I next noticed your necklace. You always have the cutest jewelry. I still love your wedding jewelry. I think I will just have to do some garage sale shopping this Spring! I just always have a hard time getting out of bed early on a Saturday…Maybe it will come easier when I am done teaching for the school year in May… Thanks for the post. It was inspiring. Today was one of those days when I wouldn’t want to show you what I wore to work. It was Monday and it lacked any type of creativity haha. p.s. I have a pair of Old Navy maternity pants that I like but probably more so at the beginning. i got some great pairs at Motherhood maternity in the mall. They have the full panel but it is more like a panty hose material. They work well for me just in case you run across a pair you could try them 😉

  2. katelynb / Jan 24 2011 10:49 pm

    I did a good deal of shopping at Motherhood in the mall the first time around and really like what I got there – good quality! For some reason, I preferred the full panel and this time I am more into the stretchy waist or half band styles… weird!

    p.s. my wedding jewelry is MIA… 😦

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