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February 3, 2011 / katelynb

A Very Simple $20 Difference + a New Coat!

We’ve been living in this house for a few years now and there are no doubt things that are bothersome: Shortcuts the previous owners took, temporary fixes we’ve made, daily annoyances that we seem to overlook but on the right day really rub me the wrong way resulting in a full blown BLOW OUT – ADULT TANTRUM – MAD FRENZY!

Embarrassingly enough I had one of those days last week and decided we absolutely have to do something about this maddening situation. Now before I go any further let me give you some information about the layout of our house and why this tiny annoyance is such a huge problem:

Our house has two entrance ways: a door on the front, which I don’t believe was ever utilized in the history of its existence.  Imagine walking in your front door into the tiniest closet imaginable (to hang your coat and hat?) then opening another door without taking even one step forward because this closet/entry way/mud room is in-deed that tiny, and being in your living room… awkward, huh?  Here is your other option: Enter through the side door, which we utilize on a regular basis, and STOP on the rug. take one step to your right and you are in the kitchen. “Oh no!” What are you to do with your coat and hat… and wet shoes?  Take a half step forward, open another door and fall to your death down the steepest staircase you have ever seen in your life? You can hang your coat on the two nails that are driven into the wall at the top of these stairs… seriously.

Not only is this unacceptable and dangerous but why all of these extra doors and tiny spaces?  Are we living in a hobbit house?!  Here is our normal procedure: We get inside and hang our coats on the nail “hook”, as many coats as that poor thing will hold.  Brush past the coats and your way up or down the stairs or be the last bean to spill the pot and you have 3-4 coats laying on the steps, eeeek!!!

I had enough of this nonsense!  “We are buying a coat rack, we are doing something different,” I begged of Tony one day after the next after the next!  Finally I was at Target yesterday and grabbed the first thing I saw to fix our problem… only $20!  Tony put it up this morning while I was at work in place of our existing nail “hooks” and so far, I love it!

We have ONE HOOK for each person = one coat for each person… the rest go in the closet!  There is also less bulk because only one coat goes on each hook so it is easier to get up and down the narrow stairs.  The hooks are better at holding coats and bags!  One tiny brush-up against a coat is not going to make four fall on the floor… hooray!

You can see the door jam in this picture which desperately needs to be painted!  We took the door off more than a year ago.  We are up and down stairs so much throughout the day, having a door that can’t even fully open without knocking the other door just didn’t make sense to me.


And now for the second part of this post: My new Maternity Jacket!  I snatched this up from a good thrift store yesterday.  “Hey locals! Dakota Boys Ranch in Dilworth is offering 50% off ALL clothes and $2 purses this week and a $4 bag sale to close things out on Saturday!!”  When I checked it out yesterday I had Emma with me and she was really interested in the underwear rack conveniently positioned for her height (eeeeew!) Needless to say, I had a hard time digging through racks and tables to look at clothes.  Anyway, more about my find and less about the underwear… What I love about this spring jacket is it is a Liz Lange Maternity for Target piece that I had seen before when it was still at Target for $30 and thought to myself (or maybe out loud), “oh, I’ll wait for it to go on sale” the next time I was back at Target it was marked down to $15 and I still wanted to wait for it to go lower- there were plenty of them left. Yay! It looks like I made the right choice!  I saw the jacket yesterday at the thrift store marked for $11.99 + 50% = mine for $5.99!

Love it, Fits Great, With Room to Grow!  Now hurry up snow and melt away so I can start accessorizing with cute silk scarves and flowers.

Moral of the story:  1. If you get new coat hooks, you’ll need a new coat to hang on them.  2. Remember: at some point, everything goes on sale, and then on clearance… and if you are brave enough and can wait that long it gets shipped to a thrift store and then is on sale there and you can get it for uber cheap!  It’s not going any lower than $5.99 — THAT is when you snatch it up! The secret to good thrifting is know what you like and where you can find it… then frequent that store.  There is a place in town that Emma and I go to where they know us by name, kind of embarrassing but awesome too!

Buying your clothes at lower prices = (happy husband?) and more clothes for you!

Happy shopping 🙂

Love, Katelyn



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  1. rena / Feb 4 2011 3:52 pm

    you thifty little bag lady…….. love it, love it. LOVE IT — you make Grams proud………..

  2. Grandma Corie / Feb 4 2011 9:16 pm

    Great finds!

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