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February 5, 2011 / katelynb

Blueberry Pancakes + A Lazy Albino Buffalo

I woke up this morning thinking about blueberry pancakes and coffee… the perfect start to what was sure to be a perfect day.  I ran upstairs to grab Emma (I heard her chatting away) and bring her down to lay in bed and wake up with us.  Emma brought “Baby Snow” … have I mentioned we name EVERYTHING around here… and before we knew it there were four little heads peeking out from under the covers.  After a few minutes of snuggling, we all decided to get up, but this little lazy bones stayed in bed:

That was until he smelled breakfast…

Here are our blueberry pancakes:

A little pony ride, addressing some valentines for special cousins we will see tomorrow and that pretty much wraps up our morning.  Now it is 8:30 am (when most of the world starts waking up) we’re in the bath tub, in the shower, getting dressed, doing dishes and out the door.  Some early morning thrift-ing and target stopping.  Hey Locals: Did you know the Arc Attic Treasures on 32nd ave. offers an extra 20% off for early birds?! Shop between 9am-10:30am for extra savings!


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