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February 6, 2011 / Tony

How a New Carseat Made Me Think of a Dog and Dating

Last night was date night for this happy couple.  One of my co-workers just offered out of the blue to watch Emma just so we could have a night out.  (We weren’t going to let that offer go to waste.)  So we originally planned to go to a dinner and a movie.  The date would follow a play date at 2 PM and Saturday night mass at 5 PM.  We were then going to drop off Emma at 6:15, go out for appetizers, catch “The King’s Speech” at 7:05 PM, and pick up Emma by 9:15 PM.  It was an aggressively planned day.

Things went well until 5 PM mass turned out to be rather busy since 3 babies, including 1 set of twins) were baptized.  And Emma decided that she wasn’t going to sit still for anything during mass.  And my parents and sister showed up at mass unexpectedly.  (Not that they don’t go to mass; they just said they were going to go Sunday morning.  We have a similar conversation every weekend-asking when you are or when you went to church.)  And we had to wait for someone to deliver our parish directory picture.  When it was all said and done, we weren’t able to leave St. Joe’s until 6:15 PM, which meant going anywhere for food and still making the movie was impossible.

Which then meant, we changed our plan.  We dropped off Emma and then decided to eat dinner instead of just appetizers, skip the movie, and then try to go play Bingo for the first time in our lives.  But while we were eating at Santa Lucia, Katelyn suggests that we go to Toys R Us to look at carseats because of a promotion they have now.  (In case you’re wondering, the promotion is a trade-in deal.  Bring in your old carseat, and get 25% of a new one.  This discount is on top of a 15% sale on carseats.)  I added that it would be difficult to shop with Emma at Toys R Us because she has a tendency to want to play with everything she sees-especially if it is somehow related to that red, furry monster from Sesame Street.  So, since we did not have Emma along, we decided to go to Toys R Us.  We skipped Bingo.

And we found a very nice carseat at a very nice price.  Emma absolutely adores it.  Here’s a picture of her playing with it in our dining room:

She knew immediately it was hers.  It reminded me of a dog my parents used to have named Knox.  He was the best dog I ever knew.  He was the only dog that you could tell was problem solving.  This is what he looks like:

Anyway, the way Emma treated her new carseat reminded me of when my parents bought Knox a new igloo-style doghouse.  You never saw a prouder dog.  As soon as he saw it, he went right in and just sat for a few hours looking just as pleased as can be.  Emma is just the same way.  She sat right down in the carseat, wanted to be buckled in, and also put one of her dolls in it.  I never guessed that she’d be so pleased with it.

So, there it is.  A carseat reminds me of a dog and is our new date night activity.

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