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February 14, 2011 / katelynb

Bathroom: Painted!

Remember my post a while back about our poor medicine cabinet?  Well it started a major bathroom re-do project and we are nearing completion.  I am happy we were able to use the awesome mirror I snagged from the thrift store for less than $20, and found a new light fixture for about $60.  I picked up some paint this weekend and we got to work.  Tony said I could choose any color I wanted – lucky me!  There was only one factor that motivated my decision to pick this blue and that was I needed something dark enough to color the hunter green that was there before and with all the white already in the room, I knew this bold contrasting color would work nicely!  Here are some pictures of the painted bathroom:

I’m not a huge fan of painted ceilings but since this room already had one that was painted green along with the walls, we decided to just go with it and paint over it in the blue.  Much easier that way and it doesn’t look too bad…

See…when I say we’ve got a lot of white in there I mean it!

Now some simple changes to the shower curtain and rugs, a little art or something on the walls and we’ll be in business!


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  1. rena / Feb 14 2011 9:06 pm

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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