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March 7, 2011 / katelynb

The New Blue + Things for Baby + a Pretty Little Girl

Tony has had these awesome Poang Chairs he bought at IKEA years ago.  Sitting in them is like floating on air, it is seriously an out of this world comfortable experience!  These chairs he bought came with the standard off-white cotton covers.  They looked fine but lacked a little sense of style and were getting pretty filthy from chalk and food and greasy fingers.  I knew something needed to be done to give them a bit of a new life… I thought about sewing slipcovers for them in a bold, graphic pattern, but wanted a faster solution than searching for that “perfect” fabric (with an often inpatient and hands-happy Emma is tote) After tossing throw pillows on them and draping with blankets, I decided enough was enough, I would dye them!  It was super super easy, in fact I was able to strip both chairs, dye, dry and re-assemble the cushions in covers in just a single afternoon.  Here is the AFTER:

I ordered 4 bottles of Rit Dye straight from the website and after just a week of waiting for them to arrive, I got to work.  Dying the chair covers was simple, I used the washing machine method.  It is an amazing transformation and we love them!  Can’t wait to do more downstairs.  I am thinking of sewing up some white and navy striped drapes to hang by the tv. (will post pics when I finish!)

I also did a bit of thrifting on Saturday morning with Emma and we found this great crib set for Baby Brother.  It is Cocalo brand, which I had never heard of but for the brand new condition it was in, I couldn’t say no for just $15!  The package came with a comforter (pictured) and crib dust ruffle.  It looks great up in the kids’ room and the colors match perfectly to what we already have… the white painted wood floor, green rugs and white crib and soon to be painted white toddler bed (I will post more pictures after I paint the bed frame and run a vacuum around upstairs)  Anyway, Emma loves the letters and animals on the blanket and she has already slept with it two night now.

Emma had a great time spending the morning with me doing hair and makeup.  Her favorite place to sit is in the sink:

What a Glamour Girl:

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