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March 10, 2011 / katelynb

More Fun with Jute + Happy Mardi Gras!

As you may know we drink wine at our house… we drink a lot of wine.  Well to be fair, we cook with it too and who likes to cork a bottle?  We remove the labels and I have a craft for that, I am starting to save corks for another project (why didn’t I think of this 100+ bottles ago?) and then we usually toss the bottles in the trash.  Shame on us, we really should start recycling, but I don’t want to get the neighbors talking either!  A friend of mine and co-worker is getting married in June and is collecting empty wine bottles to use as centerpieces.  She might be creating her own monogram labels for them… how cute is that?!  Anyways, I was a little embarrassed but glad to help her out by bringing her well over a case of empties and leaving them on her desk at work.  The poor girl probably could barely make it to her car with them in tote!

Just when I thought we had cleared out our stash of empties I found 4 more in the closet, it was Mardi Gras on Tuesday after all and we always celebrate the occasion at our house:

As requested (and recipe picked out by Mr. Chef, himself) I prepared two traditional Mardi Gras dishes, Red Beans and Rice and Jambalaya with Shrimp and Sausages.  Tony said it was the best thing I have ever made!  What an excellent compliment from a man who is brutally honest and persnickety when it comes to good food!

Okay, apologies for the food interruption and back to the crafts!  Here is a look at what I attacked with my 900 feet of jute (yes, that’s right I bought the mac daddy roll of natural jute.. who could resist with a 40% off coupon and an already pretty great price…)

simply put a line of hot glue down, cover with jute and work your way around adding more glue and laying more jute… easy!

and the finished product:

Fabulous?  Can’t wait to get my hands on some other neat shaped bottles and vases!


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  1. AYT / Mar 10 2011 3:28 pm

    Mr. Chief didn’t request beignets for dessert?

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