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March 11, 2011 / katelynb

A Few Fabulous Things…

I was gifted with this amazing piece of family history right after Emma was born and I will be forever grateful to my Aunt Karen for thinking so dearly of me and entrusting me with this beautiful heirloom:

It is a hand embroidered piece that has been passed down six or more generations I believe ( I have the info. documented in Emma’s baby book) and I am the current holder.  I absolutely love it and spend time thinking about the sleeping babies this has been hung above, some of which I never knew, others  I knew for too short a time, one whom I am determined to know more deeply, and then Emma whom I read like the back of my hand.  This hangs in our house in the nursery and one day when Emma is old enough to understand and has her first child and a family of her own I will pass it on to her and hope this tradition keeps on and on and on…

The next fabulous thing is a painted wooden doll we found and my Grandma Rena gifted to Emma on a very special day: My Great Grandma Margaret’s Funeral Day.  It is probably the last time I will even visit Verndale, Mn so it seemed very fitting to stop by the tiny old variety store we walked to as kids when we stayed with her each Martin Luther King weekend, the farm where my Grandma and Grandma (?) lived, the cemetery, and a little antique shop just to have a peek around.  At the antique shop, we picked out this little girl for Emma:

Now the story behind this (and I am so glad the shop owner knew this girl’s history) is… The man who sold the doll to the shop, sold an entire collection of these wooden dolls, and I did see them all… gorgeous!  When he was a young man he and his wife and family traveled to accommodate his career in the military.  Each country they visited, his wife would find a doll to add to her collection.  When she passed away, the dolls were sent to the store.  We  looked at many different painted dolls, each clearly labeled with the year and country from which they were collected.  Initially, I  wanted to take one of the two from South Korea but found this one from Japan spoke to me more. Isn’t it neat?

For just $5, we’re keeping a part of a stranger’s past alive and making our own memories with this painted piece of wood… isn’t that amazing?  Someday when Emma asks about the doll I will tell her all about the day, the special things we did together and stories of her Great Grandma Margaret and how lovely a lady she was.

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