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March 21, 2011 / katelynb

Baby Update: 28 Weeks!

I really can’t complain – I’m still feeling great!  We’ve made it to 28 weeks and I am thinking something along the lines of “where did the last 10 or so weeks go” and “wow! 12 weeks til baby is here!”  Doctor appointments are beginning to become more frequent and baby is still measuring right on track and has a strong, steady heartbeat.  No more ultrasounds in our future, next time we see him it will be for real!  Here is a picture of me and the growing boy at 28 weeks:

Like my sweater?  I stuffed it in my bag full of goodies at Margo Mundi’s bag sale this weekend.  With all the things I filled that bag with for $10, I am guessing the sweater worked out to be somewhere around 40 or 50 cents and that funky bracelet… $8.00 but I happened to have a can of green beans in my purse which got me an extra 15% off my purchase — got to love a store that offers discounts for helping the hungry! (Okay, that sounded strange.  I actually knew about the “donation discount” before I left the house so I made sure I was well prepared.) Now that’s what I call a FABULOUS FIND!


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  1. Alissa / Mar 23 2011 8:28 am

    dangit woman you NEED to take me shopping with you sometime! Saw this sweater on FB and was wondering where you found it! LOVE IT!!!

  2. katelynb / Mar 23 2011 8:58 am

    I honestly just think I “Get Lucky” a lot, but it would be so fun to shop some Saturday!

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