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March 23, 2011 / katelynb

Nice Paper Makes Great Wall Art + Tony Finds my Wedding Jewelry!

I thought it was time to switch up the wall art in the sunny sitting room upstairs but I really didn’t want to spend much money in the process.  Before these frames held black and white photographer’s pictures of flowers… nice but tiring after seeing these same prints for close to 7-8 years now (?) I got them as a gift when I was in high school and they’ve been on my bedroom walls at home, in my apartment when I was in college and have followed me here to our house.

I found this beautiful paper for $5.00 per sheet at Zandbroz variety store downtown and really feel in love with it.  I took the prints out of their frames and stuck the new paper in:

This paper is so cool, they have a great selection, it was hard to choose!  The paper I got is very thin in some spots so I took the cardboard backing out of the frames and just let the color of the wall show through… love it!

I got a call from Tony while I was away this weekend to tell me he had found my missing wedding jewelry and veil !!  I was overjoyed, I had to take a picture (and find a spot to keep it where I will remember this time!):

Can you believe these earrings don’t even go with the bracelet? It’s like they were made for each other… but not!  The bracelet is JCrew and the Earrings, Banana Republic. Veil… Ebay.  Total cost of wedding jewelry: Roughly $150. Oh Yeah!

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