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March 23, 2011 / katelynb

String Ball Craft

I found this amazing tutorial on for string balls, unfortunately I am unable to link to their page at this time.  The DIY (do. it. Yourself.) project is very easy but a little messy.  Here is a look at what I did:

Gather your supplies – cornstarch, balloon, school glue, water, butcher’s twine (yarn works too!) and old Tupperware:

Make a cornstarch, glue, water mixture (no measuring necessary) just make sure it is a semi-thin paste-y consistency:

Saturate pieces of string in the glue mixture and carefully wrap around the balloon.  There is no need to tie or fasten the string ends to the balloon, if your glue mix is the correct consistency, the wet string should stick and stay put on its own.  Continue this until your balloon is covered to your liking:

I worked over the kitchen sink and then placed the finished balloons into a big disposable roasting pan:

Hang somewhere out of the way to dry, undisturbed for 24 hours.  I had to hide mine away in the laundry room so Emma wouldn’t find them:

and when they are completely dry, stick a pin between the hardened strings and pop the balloon.  It makes the coolest sound when it slowly deflates and crinkles away from the string.  Here is a look at them dry and hardened and waiting to be painted.  I am planning on giving them a coat of white spray paint just to make them look finished and not so “string and glue” like… You get it?

My original plan was to hang them outside as part of the Birthday party decor for little Miss Emma Jane’s big day that is soon approaching, but now I think I am going to hang a cluster from the ceiling in the kid’s room instead, maybe over the crib like a mobile – how sweet would that be?!

I will post more pictures when it is up in the room.  I’ve got to get going on these balloons though, so far I have only done two, I’m thinking I will need 10-15 for the mobile piece.  Hooray! Cool project in the works 🙂


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  1. Melissa / Mar 23 2011 12:04 pm

    I LOVE THESE! I wanted to buy some chinese lanterns for the babys room but we decided they would collect too much dust. These might work though! Hmm…. Might have to think about it. Love how they turned out though.


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