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March 23, 2011 / katelynb

Thrifty, Thrifty + Easy Crafts for a Snowy Day.

Today is a snow day.  I woke up early and so did Emma.  I took a shower, she ate breakfast and Tony told us it was a snow day — no work!  Unfortunately, he DID have to go to work so in to the shower he hopped and then outside to dig the car out of our snowy driveway.  He did a lot of work shoveling and was able to back out to the street where the car got stuck.  No plows had come through yet and I guess we underestimated just how much snow had fallen!  I ran outside to help him by sitting in the car and hitting the gas while he pushed and Emma bawled inside the house.  Eventually we got it back into the driveway and there it sits for the day, until Emma gets a nap in and I go outside and attempt to shovel more of the driveway.  It is now 10:15 am and the plows have still not made it to our street to clear the roads.  The poor letter carrier just came and she looks like she is having a heck of a time walking through this mess and the brand new neighbor man across the street has single handed-ly shoveled his entire driveway and is now starting on the street!  I’m not even kidding you!

Okay, enough about the snow already, I shouldn’t even be writing about snow, it’s the end of March for PETE SAKE!  Here is a look at some of the radical deals I got this weekend:

These scroll-y looking frames are hot, hot, hot right now!  I have been searching thirft stores high and low for one for the baby room  for a while now and was so happy to pick one up at Goodwill for $3-4 (?) in St. Cloud.  I plan to paint it white and get it upstairs once it gets warmer and I can get out to my paint booth garage:

Next fabulous find, a big loopy rug for the bathroom from IKEA.  I love that store!  This was $10 and suits our bathroom much better than the previous two tiny rugs it replaced.  I asked Tony if he liked it and re responded “It is like a little massage for my feet”… that’s all the approval I need!

I fell in love with these shoes the moment I saw them:

I examined them very closely to see why they had not yet been given a loving home and I could not find one thing wrong!  I flipped them over to see how worn they were on the bottoms… nothing!  For the price, I couldn’t say “No”

Finding vintage fabrics or small pieces for small projects is super easy and affordable at thrift stores.  Here are some things I picked up (from left to right: Thomas O’Brien for Target Shower Curtain $3.99 – this would also look great in our new bathroom if we hadn’t already bought that other one…shoot! 3 yards of black with little flowers silky cotton fabric from thrift store $1.99- I’ve already used some of this to make that neck pillow for Emma. Next is a silk scarf I snagged for .99 at a thrift store again.  I have a fabulous necklace plan for the scarf! and lastly, a pillowcase I stuffed into my $10 bag at the bag sale I mentioned in an earlier post.)

Okay, one more shower curtain to use for fabric – this one is Woolrich brand and I got is for $3.99 at Savers a few weeks back.  I adore the “nubby” flower designs on it.  Wouldn’t this make a great, big floor pillow for the babies?

I also got this sassy little plate from Goodwill that really made me want a drink… and some snacks:

It is absolutely perfect for the project I had in mind when I picked it up because it has that lip to keep things like olive juice from spilling off the side.  Can’t you just picture some kind of spicy snack mix or a cheese ball and crackers on here?  Guess how much I paid?

Here is what I did with some things I had around the house:

The silver, glittery balls are things I bought for the wedding and decided not to use. I have tons of them I am trying to get rid of!

a little super glue around the rim of the glass and stick it to the bottom of the plate:

Voila!  Now someone bring me a drink!


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