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March 24, 2011 / katelynb

Emma Jane Picture of the Day

Poor thing has been sick for a few days now.  Here are some pictures from yesterday.  I think together we ate three apples:

and now that we have some decent size chalk for the chalkboard downstairs, coloring is more fun and not such a big mess.  Sidewalk chalk is for the sidewalk, not for walls and carpet and chairs and mom’s face occasionally…

I’m trying to teach Emma some simple words like “cat” and “hat”.  What’s more fun than a cute kitten in a party hat?

p.s. The three of us were doodling on big paper at the table last night and she drew a little scribble circle with a long horizontal line connecting to another scribble circle.  She drew many, many of these in a row and when we asked her what they were she proudly announced “kite!”  interesting… she does love to draw!

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