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March 28, 2011 / katelynb

Sunburst Mirror Project

I stumbled across this amazing sunburst mirror tutorial over at J and J Home.  This is not actually her mirror, but her inspiration piece!  I love the one she did too! I instantly knew this was something I needed to try, but didn’t know where in our house I would hang it.  That’s when I remembered about my mission to decorate Tony’s office at work.  The space could definitely use a woman’s touch, or really all the help it can get.  Can you say white walls with nothing on them… poor Tony!  I’ve got a bunch of projects and ideas for making him feel at home in his office and this mirror is just one of them.

First, find a gorgeous 18 inch round beveled mirror conveniently on sale at Target:

the lamp in the picture above is another “office decorating project” I am working on…

Next, buy 20 packs of wood shims (14 per pack), a bottle of wood glue and liquid nails safe for mirrors.

Apply wood glue to shims and attach in a desired pattern.  Make sure all shim blemishes stay on one side or the other (this dirty side will be your back):


Keep applying glue to the shims and working them together in a circle pattern:

Press gently and hold for a few seconds so glue has a chance to adhere:

Almost finished:

Be patient… this is a long process!

Glue shims to the BACK of your sunburst.  You may want to wait several hours before flipping the piece over to do this, unless you were working with the dirty sides of the shims facing up, then you can do it right away.  This step is solely for extra support, so don’t skip it!

Weigh your frame work down with some heavy books.  We have plenty of big cookbooks I put to use:

This is where I am at now… I plan on waiting a good 24 hours or so (at least until tomorrow) to turn it over and brush it with sealer to give it that nice finish.  Then after that dries, attach the mirror with liquid nails and allow to dry for another 24 hours.  Will post more tomorrow,  I hope I’ve inspired you to try it for yourself!

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