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March 30, 2011 / katelynb

A Peek into my Room + Quick Crafts of Today.

Welcome to my messy craft room/storage space/computer room/office/somewhere I can put my junk and close the door and pray Emma doesn’t get into and cause too much of a ruckus:

Awww… some day I will have more space and be organized… someday.

I have a “Crafting To-Do List” on my counter (yeah, really, I do…) and I was determined to get a few things checked off my list today.  Well so far, I’ve sewn pleats and adhered the fabric to the lamp I found for Tony’s office.  Oh, I guess I haven’t told you anything about this lamp project yet, have I?

Well, here’s the story… I’m out thrifting one night and I call Tony. “Do you want a desk lamp for your office?” He responds: “Yeah, sure”  I say “Great, because I found one for $3.99 and a shade I will make beautiful with a little work for $0.79!”:

Recently my niece, Jordan passed some clothes down to us that were too tiny for her.  This dress was one of them and although I love, love, love it to death, I also loved the fabric and thought it would be perfect for Tony’s lamp shade!  (Look at how little Jordan looks here, and this was just last May!)

I neglected to take pictures of the process but I actually traced the lamp shade on a sheet of paper to make a pattern which in turn I pinned to the fabric and cut out to match.  Then I folded the pleats and ironed, ran that part through the sewing machine, sprayed the outside of the lamp shade with a medium hold spray adhesive and began to smooth the fabric onto the shade.

The dress had two cute pockets with a fabric covered button on each as well, I made sure the portion of fabric I used for the lamp showcased both of these pockets… adorable!  The last step I have in the lamp project is to get some Navy colored ribbon to glue to the top and bottom for a border.  This will really make it look clean and finished!

The Next thing that was on my list of things to do was to try this Bead and Fabric Necklace.  I stumbled upon it on someone’s blog (if it was you, give yourself credit) Sorry, I didn’t even bookmark the page because it was so simple there was no way I would need to look back to see how it was done. Here is a quick tutorial:

Chose your fabric and beads (size matters, if you like a big chunky necklace, find big beads!)

Estimate how long you want it and cut 2-3 inch wide strip(s) accordingly:

If you cut more than one strip for your length, sew together on the short edge.  Now I could have lined the pattern up better but I knew this would be a place for a knot so I didn’t bother:

Next, fold your long strip in half and sew together on the long edge, making sure to also sew on ONE short edge.  This way, when you drop your bead into the tube you are creating in this step, it will have a place to stop.  Or I suppose you could leave both short edges open and just knot it at both ends if you want some pretty ends to tie together…

Now you will have to turn your “fabric tube” inside out so the seam is hidden.  This can be tough since it is such a long and narrow piece of material.  I used a chopstick and a lot of whipping motions but I suppose any kind of knitting needle, crochet hook or even a pencil would work.

The rest is simple.  Drop a Bead, Tie a Knot, Drop a Bead, Tie and Knot…

and finally, find a cute little girl to model or an old doorknob you just love to pose things around:

The End.



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  1. Becky / Mar 30 2011 10:37 pm

    I kid you not… I made one of these necklaces today! I must say I like yours better. I will have to give it another try with a nice bold fabric choice.

    • katelynb / Mar 31 2011 5:40 am

      awesome! I really need to use bigger beads (they have wood ones at the craft store) but I was more interested in re-purposing some necklaces I no longer wore. I plan on doing more soon! They look great layered 🙂

  2. Jess / Mar 30 2011 11:12 pm

    your cuticles look fabulous!

    • katelynb / Mar 31 2011 5:40 am

      Thanks so much! And to think I have been neglecting them lately. You should see my toes… yikes!

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