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March 31, 2011 / katelynb

Another Rainy Day in the Windy City

I woke up this morning and got out of bed around 4 am, I don’t know why but I did.  First thing I did was grab the laptop and snuggle up on the sofa next to the window and just looked out it for a while.  I saw snow covered streets and rooftops and I was sad.  It’s almost April 1st and we are still getting snowed on? Come on mother nature and throw us a bone here! We’ve got a big family birthday party planned at our house for April 17th and we need to be outside! More important than that, Emma and I need to take walks with the stroller, and sit on the deck, and play in the yard, and walk down the sidewalk to the library. We are so tired of winter and cold, wet weather we could scream (some days we do!)

Anyway, it was peaceful to just sit and blog and read and have a couple of uninterrupted hours to myself.  Completely silent, completely still (although I think Baby Brother was moving about more than normal for that time of day) and just knowing that Tony and Emma were still fast asleep. I even watched Tony sleeping for a few minutes before I snuck out – is that creepy?

What are we doing today?  Well we had a potluck lunch at work and I brought home a cupcake for Emma.  I was planning to save it for later in the afternoon or even maybe a special treat for tonight but she spotted it immediately and started shouting “Happy Cake, Happy Cake!” I had no choice but to stick 2 candles in it and sing.  Then Tony finished his conference call and we re-lit the candles and sang again.  She knows every word of the song and just when to blow out the candles, She is more than ready for the birthday party to come!

It will probably be a quiet day filled with laziness and tv watching, playing with toys, maybe a little crafting and cleaning, no big plans… since the sun is not shining, I am just feeling glum and not motivated. That is also the reason I came home from work and instantly slipped into (right, that is happening lately…) yoga pants and Tony’s hoodie – quite a sight I tell you. Whenever I wear it, Emma points to me and says “Daddy’s”… how embarrassing! These are the days I pray no one will come to the door or I won’t have to leave the house for any unexpected reason.  Emma Jane and I do have plans for later tonight however.  We are going to walk to the library for Story Time and see Clifford the Big Red Dog!  We are both very excited and I intend to take pictures to post later.

I was discussing with my gal pal, Alissa how funny it is that we only post good pictures of ourselves whether it be on facebook, blogs, etc.  We’re usually shown wearing makeup and hair looking decent and dressed in regular socially acceptable clothing. The real day to day look for a “mostly-stay-at-home-mom” like myself is lounge pants and a soft t-shirt, Tony’s ankle sweat socks, his zip up hoodie (typically the same one day to day) and then I always throw my hair half up in a mini clip or a pony just to get the majority out of my way. Here, have a look:

notice my sidekick in the bottom left corner? We’re attached at the hip most days, today is one of those days!

Last night, we gave Emma a bath and a little bang trim after.  She is getting her pictures taken this weekend so I wanted to freshen up the hair-do a bit:

She usually does a good job of sitting still but she was crazy busy last night and into everything… toothbrushes (she tasted all three of ours) bath toys, hair brushes…everything!

Today she has already been messy with yogurt, played with babies and been a litttle bit sassy, check out that grin:

Have a fun day!

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