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April 3, 2011 / katelynb

Birthday Bunting + A Finished Lamp + 1 Cute Girl

We had no major plans this weekend and it was awesome.  We just took it easy and did what we wanted, when we wanted!  I spent a good deal of time in my craft room during nap time on Saturday.  Here is what I accomplished:

Picked up a couple of yards of satin ribbon at Michael’s ($0.69 per yard) and finished Tony’s darling lamp shade-

Did a bunch more of these jute-wrapped bottles, I just love them!

A Doily bunting I made with colored paper doilies I found at Michaels, 6 for $1.00, then marked down 90%… so I got 24 for $.40!  This is going to look perfect for her Birthday Party!

Here is a quick look at how it was done.  Fold doily in half and attach jute to bottom half of fold with two pieces of scotch tape:

fold top half over the jute and attach bottom center with another piece of scotch tape:

Repeat, repeat, repeat:

and now for the cute girl:


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