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April 11, 2011 / katelynb

Shhh… Don’t tell Emma Jane!

I want to make Emma’s birthday extra, super special for her this year so I have a few tricks up my sleeve!  Tony and I are doing a little something with her on Wednesday night (her real Birthday) and then we are having some family and friends over for cake this weekend.  I am especially excited to give Emma her gifts from Tony and I because we’ve put a whole lot of love and handmade touches into each one!  I will post more pictures and details after she opens them- they’re mostly all wrapped up and ready to go so she wouldn’t find them.  Here is one gift that I just finished today while she napped:

How adorable is that?! Emma is very into the alphabet right now and singing the song that I knew she would really enjoy this.  I also know Tony will appreciate the learning it promotes and I of course, love the vintage look and the clean sleek frame combination.  I found the print (which is actually a reprint of vintage wrapping paper for $4.50, online) and the frame at Michael’s today for $14.99.  Got to love those half price sales!

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