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April 13, 2011 / katelynb

Happy Birthday Emma Jane!

As I write this, two years ago today at this very minute, Emma Jane came into the world and blessed our lives more than we could have ever imagined!  I couldn’t help but watch the clock all day long and remember what was happening at different times during the day.  The day she was born was actually a planned induction so we arrived at the hospital around 7 am and she was born at 9:27 pm.  Not much happened in between except for me feeling very hungry. (when you are induced, you are not allowed to eat until after baby is born)

Here are some of our very first moments together:

and here are some pictures of her special day, today:

my special surprise – an battery operated inflatable Elmo thing I found on Craigslist ($5)

Her Favorite Food for Dinner – Edamame:

Tony pulls out the big cupcake and lights the candles while I hit the lights:

We all sing the song:

A little help from Dad to blow out those candles:

A little taste for mom (it wasn’t any good…):

and a bite for Emma:

“This fork business is taking too long… I’ll use my hands like last year”:

And on to the gifts!

Happy Birthday to my Sweet 2 Year Old!


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  1. rena / Apr 14 2011 10:55 pm

    A very Happy 2nd B Day Lady Jane………. You are one lucky girl to be Blessed with a great Mommy and Daddy. Can’t wait to help you celebrate your special day again….. Love and Hugs, Nana Rena

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