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April 25, 2011 / katelynb

Happy Easter!

Please excuse the random order of these shots… I had some issues uploading and I am just thankful they even made it here! First, our Easter morning Breakfast, deviled eggs. YUM!! It’s funny because we brought the whole carton of dyed eggs to the table and peeled one at a time, added a bit of mayo, mustard, etc. mashed and assembled over our plates.  Talk about self-serve.  I love that we do stuff like that together.

Idey surprised three of us April Birthday Folks with cute bunny cakes and candles and gifts and songs, so sweet! (wow, look at those dark circles under my eyes. Did I mention I got close to NO SLEEP the night before due to a busy baby in my belly)

The hubs  gave me my Birthday Gifts early, an Espresso Machine and a Nice Grinder, oh! and Beans! (and fabulous latte service every morning?)

The poor guy, I’m always trying to snap pictures of him!  Emma came down in the morning to find her Easter basket waiting at the table.

and of course, all of the eggs we dyed together the night before.

After church, we headed to Casselton to celebrate and have lunch with the Breidenbachs.  The girls found some treats during the Easter Egg hunt in the yard:

and Emma was dishing out kisses like it was nobody’s business.  What a sweetheart!

I hope you had a Happy Easter!

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