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May 1, 2011 / katelynb

Thrifty Finds all for under $8

Emma and I were going to hit some garage sales early yesterday afternoon and give Tony some time to himself at home.  Well, we didn’t pass any sales that looked worth stopping at and she fell asleep in the car on the ride so I decided to just pull into the Boys Ranch in Dilworth and browse.  I almost never get here anymore because it is so out of the way for me in West Fargo and now that there is the Boys Ranch on 13th avenue, it is much easier to just swing in there when I need a fix or have a few extra dollars and minutes to kill.  I wasn’t comfortable waking her up to put her in a cart, so I carried her through the store for more than 1/2 hour… That’s dedication people!  She weighs a little more than 30 pounds and I was squatting and walking and carrying my goodies all while supporting the weight of a sleeping child and another 4+ pound baby in my pouch!  Oh the lengths we go to for a deal.  Here is a look at my finds:

this red basket was .99!  It looks great in our kitchen filled with little apples right now.  Last night, Emma carried babies in it, a bottle of wine up from the basement, filled it with blocks.  I couldn’t say no – this thing is adorable!

Meet Mr. .79 and Mr. .99!  I will probably paint these cottage white and find a home for them somewhere in our house.  Wouldn’t they be perfect on a fireplace mantel?

Here is what they are doing right now:

and finally, a little gift for Tony ($4.79):

Wondering what it is?  I’m calling it a BOOZE BAG!  It’s a bag made to transport bottles of wine, like when we’re cruising on our yacht, or out sailing on our boat, or laying on the beach at an exotic destination, jetting out to our private island… ha!  Truth is, this bag will most likely be used for the occasional picnic at the park or as a diaper bag, or packing frozen food to bring home from a trip to Trader Joe’s, maybe brought to the lake this summer or used as a laptop and work bag.  Inside the bag are 2 velcro-topped and removable insulated bags that contain 2 freezable packs each to keep bottles of white chilled… cool ! I’m betting we could fit 8 or so bottles in there…  What a perfect little afternoon!

I actually got this on another trip, but haven’t shared it yet.  This poor little wooden duck was sitting in the FREE box at my favorite thrift store.  Emma is crazy about him and was actually giving Minie Mouse rides on him last night calling them “Papa G’s”… a story for another time, although I am sure some of you know what a pony ride from Papa G was all about.

I am planning painting this little guy up (off white and navy) Maybe even some polka dots?  or atleast changing the color of the green base…send suggestions my way!

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