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May 2, 2011 / katelynb

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

I went out thrifting again yesterday afternoon.  I’ve been looking for a mirror for the bedroom for quite some time now but just can’t justify spending more than $30 and really not seeing much I like, or much of anything available at the price  I desire.  I refuse to pay full price at the store, or even at Target because I know I will see one soon enough and then regret paying more for one later.  Here is what I picked up the the Boys Ranch on 13th ave for ($24.99) yesterday; a Target reject.  It is already hanging in the bedroom.  I just looked it up online and see it sells for $49.99:

Now of course it is hung too high to see myself in, but that is just the case with the big dresser it sits above.  It’s more of a decorative piece anyways and I love how it gives some depth to our little room and bounces light back and forth.  In this room, a mirror really is a must!

I also headed over to Kinder Kloset to use my coupon (a free baby sleeper… no strings attached) I picked up a couple of pairs of baby boy shoes while I was there as well.  At .95 per pair, I just couldn’t say “no”.

Later that night, I gave Emma a haircut:


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